• Avoid These 4 Mistakes Before Getting a Home Inspection Bracebridge

    Are you looking to hire a home inspector for a house inspection on a potential property you want to buy? If so, you have made the right decision. Home inspection Bracebridge can help you uncover potential faults and problems with a house you intend to buy. Or to say it more positively, a home inspection can help you ensure you buy a house that doesn’t convert into a financial burden in the long term.

    Home Inspection Bracebridge

    We at CLS Home Inspections recommend our clients to get home inspection Bracebridge despite it not being compulsory in Canada. We want our clients to make an informed home-buying decision. Hence, we provide certified and professional home inspection services in the region. 

    Whether you choose us at CLS Home Inspection as your home inspector or go with someone else, make sure you don’t make the following mistakes. 

    Mistake#1: Hiring an Inspector Without Researching

    Before you hire a home inspector, make sure you do independent research. Don’t just pick a home inspector just because someone recommended it to you. Instead, check out the home inspector on your own, and book an initial consultation to understand whether they can deliver their services effectively. 

    Mistake#2: Avoiding the Inspection Visit

    Homeowners or buyers don't need to attend the home inspection Bracebridge visit. However, we at CLS Home Inspection insist our clients attend the home inspection visit. During the visit, our home inspector can tell you about the existing repairs and the budget to repair them. Thus, you can get a fair idea of how much you need to spend and reduce it from the actual sale price to get a fair buying price. 

    Mistake#3: Leaving the Home Inspection Process to the Buyers

    Home inspection Bracebridge is essential for buyers. However, a presale home inspection can help sellers too. A presale home inspection will help you uncover any problems with the house you are selling and give you enough time to repair it. This can help you find buyers quickly and can help you make a higher sale offer. 

    Mistake#4: Lack of Preparation Before Inspection

    As important as it is to get a home inspection, it is also essential to prepare the house for inspection. If your house isn’t adequately accessible to the home inspector, they won’t be able to assess the house efficiently, which will be reflected in the report. Closed attics, blocked crawl spaces, snow-covered roofs, and more can make your house inaccessible. Hence, you must prepare your house before the inspection to get the most out of it. 

    Home Inspection Bracebridge

    Now, with so much knowledge on your hands, make sure not to make these mistakes if you are getting a home inspection Bracebridge

    At CLS Home Inspections, we will ensure you get the best home inspection services to make an informed decision. Get in touch with us now to know more.