• A Complete House Inspection Gravenhurst Checklist

    A house is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. And buying a house that not only has good energy but can also withstand the test of time helping you create a humble abode is important. Hence, you must make an informed buying decision, and a house inspection Gravenhurst can help you. 

    House Inspection Gravenhurst

    A house inspection includes a visual evaluation of the house to identify problem areas. This gives a buyer time to decide whether it is worth buying or should they move to other better options. At CLS Home Inspections, we have seen several clients deciding to go with a better housing option after a house inspection Gravenhurst which has helped them in the long run. 

    Hence, we strongly recommend you take a house inspection if you are buying a property. Here’s a quick house inspection Gravenhurst checklist of things that will be evaluated.


    • Bathroom faucets, toilet flush, and sink water drains are checked to ensure that water is coming in and draining efficiently without any blockages. 
    • Bathroom tiles will be checked for any dents or cracks. 
    • The bathroom cabinet doors will be checked to ensure they work properly. 


    • Sinks, countertops, and cabinet doors will be evaluated to ensure they work properly.
    • Sink pipes will be evaluated to ensure they aren’t leaking.
    • Kitchen sinks will be evaluated to ensure the water drains easily without blockages. 

    Doors and Windows

    • During a house inspection Gravenhurst, the inspector will check that the doors are fastened, the latches are working smoothly. 
    • For windows, they will ensure there are no cracks in the glass.

    Ceilings, Walls, and Floors

    • The presence of any wear and tear, cracks, and water seepage will be checked on ceilings, walls, and floors. 
    • Each room wall will be checked to ensure there are no uneven bumps. 
    • The inspector will note down any walls with discoloration. This can be because of water accumulation. 

    House Inspection Gravenhurst

    Apart from these major areas, the home inspector will also check the house basement (if the house has one), plumbing fixtures, heating and cooling, attic, and exterior of the property. 

    Having a house inspection Gravenhurst can help you uncover potential problems in these house areas. This can give you a complete overview of how much you might have to spend on repairing the issues apart from paying the price of the house. This evaluation will help you make an informed decision. 

    Hence, get a house inspection from us at CLS Home Inspections. Our professional home inspectors will ensure you get a detailed overview of the potential property you are buying or selling. 

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