• How to Prepare Your House for a Home Inspector Orillia Visit?

    Are you considering selling your house? If so, you might want to find the best buyer to get a high return on investment. However, are you sure your house can provide you with the desired return on investment? If not, a professional home inspection from a certified home inspector Orillia can help you understand if your house can be sold at a high sale value. 

    Home Inspector Orillia

    At CLS Home Inspections, we recommend sellers and buyers get a home inspection as it can help you uncover problems and give you enough time to repair them to get the best offer. Our home inspector Orillia are certified and equipped with the right knowledge to provide efficient inspection services and report. 

    However, we also suggest our clients prepare their houses before they call a home inspector. Here’s what you need to do.

    House repairs to do before the inspection

    Before a home inspector Orillia arrives at your home, it would be best to do some repairs in areas that generally experience more problems. These areas include:

    • Waterproofing wet basement
    • Repairing plumbing leaks, clogged drains
    • Repairing electrical issues
    • Repairing roofing issues
    • Remove rotting wood and install new wood at windows and doors
    • Get your HVAC inspected and repaired
    • Work on the external masonry to repair any cracks
    • Make sure the locks of doors and windows work properly.
    • Get the trees and bushes trimmed

    Prepare the house a day before the inspection

    To ensure that the home inspector Orillia has access to your house, make sure to prepare your house a day before the inspection. Here’s how:

    • Clean the house to ensure it looks aesthetically pleasing
    • Light all the pilot lights
    • Unlock all the interior doors to provide access to all the rooms

    Home Inspector Orillia

    • Make sure to remove the clothing from your closet especially if the attic hatch is inside your closet
    • Either secure the pets in a crate or take them with you for 3 hours
    • Make sure you leave the house during the inspection for 3 hours. 
    • Make the areas of the attic, furnace, electrical panel, hot water tank, main water line, and air exchanger

    The bottom line is that home inspection is essential and as a seller, you must prepare your house for the inspection. Once the arrives at your house, they will inspect and give you a report to make the necessary repairs or changes to help you get a high return on investment. 

    You can book your inspection appointment with us at CLS Home Inspections. We provide certified and professional home inspection services in a wide service area. 

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