• What To Do If Sellers Refuse a Gravenhurst Home Inspection?

    You have finally decided to buy a house for yourself. You are excited at the opportunity to have a home that you can call your own. But you must also understand that buying a house is a major financial commitment. So, you need to make an informed decision.

    Gravenhurst Home Inspection

    While shortlisting potential properties, you might have checked several features such as the neighborhood, the proximity to the hospital, departmental stores, and more. But did you check for any existing structural and integral issues with the house itself? If not, you must get a Gravenhurst home inspection from us at CLS Home Inspections right away.

    A Gravenhurst home inspection can help you determine any issues with the house. You can determine whether these issues are reparable or do you need to look at another property.

    However, sometimes, sellers refuse to let someone inspect the house. What can you do in such a situation?

    First, try to comprehend the key distinctions between obligatory correction and disclosures.

    • Obligatory Corrections

    These corrections should be made before the selling contract closes. It must be done by the seller to provide a clear picture to potential buyers. These corrections will include problems with plumbing, electrical, or AC systems, issues with the structural foundation, roof-related issues, and more.

    If a seller is telling you about the obligatory corrections they have performed, the seller has conducted a Gravenhurst home inspection in the presale period and made the required repairs.

    • Mandatory Disclosures

    These disclosures must be told to the buyer by the seller, especially if they have inspected the house in the presale period but still haven’t made any corrections. These disclosures must also be made if the initial buyer refuses to move forward with the selling contract.

    If the seller is telling you about the obligatory corrections and disclosures, they will certainly not refuse any Gravenhurst home inspection from the buyers.

    What to do if sellers refuse to let you inspect the house?

    Gravenhurst Home Inspection

    However, if they don’t disclose such information, the buyer can ask them these pressing questions. And even if the seller refuses to address these concerns, the buyer can cancel the sale contract. Or they can take them up for legal action.

    Understanding the buyer and seller's rights and duties is critical to buying a house that fits your expectations and budget.

    Hence, at CLS Home Inspections, we insist our clients be open with the seller for a Gravenhurst home inspection. Our professional home inspectors can ensure hassle-free and seamless home inspection at the request of sellers and buyers alike.

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