• What Should Be Included In A Severn Home Inspection Report?

    A home inspection report is a document that helps buyers and sellers get an in-depth analysis of their property's condition. It is important as it provides a record of the major systems of the home. If you want to get the right Severn home inspection services, you should connect with a company like CLS Home Inspections. We are committed to always catering to the requirements of our clients. 

    Severn home inspection

    If you are wondering what should be included in a home inspection report, keep on reading.


    The roof is one of the most important components of your home. So, the Severn home inspection report must have a detailed assessment of the condition of your roof. If there are any damages or leaks, they should be mentioned in the report. If any repair or maintenance work is needed, this should also be informed in the report.


    The exterior of your home protects the structure. Hence, the inspection report must cover all the exterior aspects, such as siding, brickwork, paint, and much more. It should also provide information about doors, windows, etc. If there are any visible damage cracks or rot, this should be mentioned in the report.


    The structure of your room is important for your safety. So, the Severn home inspection report should have information about the foundation walls, ceilings, etc. If there is any visible crack or other structural issues, the report should highlight them. For instance, inadequate support should also be mentioned.

    Electrical system 

    The Severn home inspection report should also have information about the electrical system. It should provide information about the condition of the electrical pan, wiring outlets, lighting fixtures, and much more. If there are any unsafe wiring, improper installations, or other issues, it should be mentioned in the report.

    Severn home inspection

    Heating and cooling

    The heating and cooling systems are important for living comfortably in the home. So, the home inspection report should have information about the condition and performance of the HVAC systems. It should provide details such as the age, type, and efficiency of the system. If there are issues with the system and if it needs maintenance, this should be informed in the report.

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