Our team at CLS Home Inspections offers top-notch services using cutting-edge technology. We detect hidden issues with our infrared thermal imaging home inspection and ensure the efficiency for your house's insulation.

    Why would you want this bonus inspection technique?

    Through infrared technology, we can spot temperature diferentials in walls, ceilings, basements, electrical panels etc.  We may not be able to conclusively determine why there is a sygnificant temperature diferance, but as professionals, we can make clear suggestions as to possible issues in order to help you make an informed decission before purchasing a home.

    Heat transfer can occur by conduction, radiation, convection, or a combination of these. When a surface is heated, there is an increase in energy leading to a corresponding increase in temperature and emitted energy. 

    All materials (hot or cold) contain heat and radiate infrared energy.

    The thermal imaging camera has a lens which focuses on the infrared light being emitted by the object.

    These cameras can detect a change in temperature as small as 0.2 C. 

    Although most moisture problems are visible there are times where an area may have been repaired but there is still a minor leak, which has not become visible, this is where a thermal image scan will detect hidden moisture.

    Thermal imaging can identify moisture intrusion in ceilings, windows and walls, as well as wet insulation caused by roof leaks. Hot spots in electrical equipment can also be detected by professional use of a thermal imaging camera.