• 4 Types of Rental Property Inspections Property Managers Must Know About!

    Do you want to rent out your property? If so, as a property manager, you need to conduct a house inspection Gravenhurst of your rental property.  

    Now, before we move on to the different types of rental property inspection, let’s first understand what rental property inspection is and why it can be important for property owners. 

    Rental Property Inspection: What is it and why is it important?

    In simpler terms, a rental property inspection includes assessing the property for its current condition inside and out. This is usually done by a rental home inspector along with the property manager and the tenant. This ensures a win-win situation where both you and the tenant are satisfied with the status of the property before renting out and moving in.  

    Moreover, a rental property inspection will help you maintain the property in top-notch condition thus increasing the value of your property and bringing in more cash flow.

    4 Types of Rental Property Inspections

    • Move-in Inspection

    A move-in rental Innisfil home inspection is done after the tenant has signed the lease but has yet to move their belongings into the rental house. During the inspection, the home inspector will conduct a thorough check-in of different areas of the house and prepare a checklist. Once the inspection is completed, the checklist is signed by both the tenant and the property manager.  

    This checklist can be used later when the tenant decides to leave the property. The checklist will give you a clear idea of any major damage and normal wear and tear on the property. You can deduct damages from the security money if the law allows you to do so. 

    • Routine Inspection

    This is also known as the quarterly inspection where the property manager can give the tenant advance notice for home inspections. You can also tell them about this provision while they are moving in.  

    This ensures that the tenant is aware of their responsibility to fix any damage before it is reported in the home inspection report. Sometimes, rental property inspections can make the tenant feel accused of doing something wrong. You can overcome this situation by explaining to them that these inspections will ensure a safer living environment for them in the long run. 

    • Drive-by Inspections

    A property manager can conduct a drive-by inspection to check the outside of the property for any damage due to weather conditions. Moreover, a drive-by inspection can also give you an idea of how your tenant is conducting themselves in and around the property.  

    For example, when you go for a drive-by inspection and always find a car parked on your property with a license plate not mentioned in the contract, it can indicate an unapproved roommate. This can be a signal to perform a routine inspection.

    • Move-out Inspections

    If your tenant has decided to move out of the rental property, a move-out inspection must be conducted on the day the tenant vacates the property. Make sure to carry the checklist to note the changes in the property as major damage or regular wear and tear.

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