• Is House Inspection Compulsory By Law In Canada?

    “Home sweet home!”We all are looking to say this for a house of our own. A place where we stay happily with our loved ones and have them around when times get tough. So, buying a house is always a number one priority for everyone.
  • Common Issues That May Be Revealed During House Inspection

    When you invest in a home you truly love, you can spend a lot of good time in the property. So, you should work with the most reputable house inspection experts as they can help reveal the issues in any property you are planning on buying a property. With us at CLS Home Inspections, you can get perfect solutions for all your home inspection needs.
  • Three Things to Notice When Hiring a Home Inspector in Simcoe County

    Buying a house in Ontario?If so, you are making a major financial decision in your life. Hence, you must make a wise choice. You might already have a few options in your hand. One house has a beautiful porch, the other has a spacious kitchen, and another one has bigger bedrooms, perfect for your expanding family!
  • The Only Tips Sellers Need During Bracebridge Home Inspection

    Bracebridge home inspection is important when someone is planning on buying a home. Most buyers wish to go for a home inspection before investing in a property. So, if you plan on selling your property, you should prepare for the home inspection property.Our team at CLS Home Inspections can assist you if you wish to go for a home inspection before putting your home out on the market.
  • Should Buyer Attend the Home Inspection Visit with Home Inspector?

    You have finally found a house that looks and feels like your dream home. You have so many wonderful plans for the place to ensure it turns into a cozy home. You are engulfed in the home-buying excitement.
  • Home Inspection Can Help You Get Homeowners Insurance Effectively

    Are you buying a new house? Or maybe you are buying an older property? 
  • 4 Types of Rental Property Inspections Property Managers Must Know About!

    Do you want to rent out your property? If so, as a property manager, you need to conduct a house inspection Gravenhurst of your rental property.  Now, before we move on to the different types of rental property inspection, let’s first understand what rental property inspection is and why it can be important for property owners. 
  • 5 Factors Influencing the Costs of Home Inspection Services

    Are you interested in buying a house? If so, you must understand that buying a house can be a major investment in your life. So, you want to get it right in the first place.You might have already shortlisted a few spaces you liked, but you might be confused about which one to buy. And that’s where a home inspection Bracebridge can help you make an informed decision.  
  • Clean Your HVAC System Before a Home Inspection

    Having an HVAC system in your house is beneficial. When the temperature is either too hot or cold outside, your house will always be maintained at an ambient temperature. Hence, HVAC systems are a major component when you are getting a home inspection Wasaga Beach service. 
  • A Home Inspection Can Help Spot and Prevent Frozen Pipes

    In a few more months, we will be covered in snow and extreme winter. Although you would love to cozy up in your house while sipping your favourite wine or just some hot chocolate, your house water pipes might freeze to death in such harsh winter.