• Three Things to Notice When Hiring a Home Inspector in Simcoe County

    Buying a house in Ontario?

    If so, you are making a major financial decision in your life. Hence, you must make a wise choice. You might already have a few options in your hand. One house has a beautiful porch, the other has a spacious kitchen, and another one has bigger bedrooms, perfect for your expanding family!

    Home Inspector Simcoe

    Amidst these different attractive features, have you paid attention to any defects and flaws in the house? Probably not! And that’s where a professional home inspector from us at CLS Home Inspections comes into play.

    A home inspector will help you identify any major defects in the house you intend to buy. For example, they can help you identify issues with roofs, plumbing, electrical, foundation, and much more. This can help you make an informed buying decision; a decision you need to stick to in the long run.

    But how do you ensure that you choose the right home inspector in Simcoe for effective home inspection services? Here are a few things you must notice/consider when choosing a home inspector.

    • Choose a home inspector based on references, reviews, certifications, and experience. Focusing on these aspects of a home inspector will help you make the right choice. A home inspector with effective qualifications can offer you efficient home inspection with detailed reports. For example, an inspector from CLS Home Inspections can be a good choice.

    Home Inspector Simcoe

    • There might be a chance that the seller asks you to use the home inspector offered by them. This can be a major red flag. Working with a home inspector offered by the seller can cause a biased home inspection. This can result in an unclear picture of the house you intend to buy. Hence, insist on getting a home inspector independently for an unbiased home inspection.
    • Ask the home inspector to give a comprehensive and detailed report. If the report shows significant issues with the house, you can reduce your offer or switch to another option entirely.

    These three things are essential to notice/consider when looking for a home inspector in Canada.

    If you still haven’t hired a home inspector for professional home inspection services, make sure to give us a call at CLS Home Inspections.

    We are a veteran-owned and operated home inspection service. We offer professional, certified, and experienced home inspectors in the region. We aim to help buyers make an informed decision and hence we provide a comprehensive report after a thorough home inspection.

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