• Is House Inspection Compulsory By Law In Canada?

    “Home sweet home!”

    We all are looking to say this for a house of our own. A place where we stay happily with our loved ones and have them around when times get tough. So, buying a house is always a number one priority for everyone.

    House Inspection Simcoe

    But what happens when you invest so much money in buying a house, but it turns out to have too many defects and flaws, some reparable and some don’t?

    Save yourself from this disappointment and monetary loss with comprehensive services from us at CLS Home Inspections.

    But is house inspection compulsory by law in Canada?

    Although a house inspection will greatly help you as a buyer, it is not legally compulsory in Canada. However, the Ontario government takes a “buyer beware” approach whether buying a new house, condo, or a second-hand property.

    The local administration suggests homeowners conduct a home inspection to ensure their new house has no issues and they are making a wise investment.

    Moreover, the seller has not abided by law to disclose any defects or flaws in the house. And if the buyer finds any defects later, they are not liable for legal recourse. So, without a house inspection, the buyer is always at a loss.

    A house inspection can offer added benefits to buyers

    • A thorough house inspection from us at CLS Home Inspections allows you to identify any flaws and defects before you buy a house. This helps you narrow down your options and see the house for what it is rather than a rosy picture of quickly owning a house.
    • Having a house inspection clause in your contract and offer allows you to cancel the buying contract if the house inspection doesn’t yield positive results.
    • The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI)is striving hard to make house inspection Simcoe mandatory, especially when someone takes a mortgage. And their efforts will yield positive results. So, why not get a house inspection now?
    • Some banks also require having a home inspection before they release funds. So, whether your bank requires a house inspection, it will be beneficial to get one done.

    House Inspection Simcoe

    As you can see, a house inspection will benefit you in the long run, even if it is not mandatory by law in Canada. Make sure to call us at CLS Home Inspections to get home inspection services in the region.

    Our home inspectors are certified and experienced, ensuring you get a comprehensive health report for your house.

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