• Home Inspection Can Help You Get Homeowners Insurance Effectively

    Are you buying a new house? Or maybe you are buying an older property? 

    In both cases, you will have several things on your plate starting from mortgages to down payments, and more. One of the things that you should forget is homeowner’s insurance. Insurance helps you ensure your property is protected during adverse conditions. However, one common question potential homeowners have is whether they need home inspection Bracebridge to get homeowner’s insurance.

    Let’s find out. 

     House Inspection Gravenhurst

    Do you need a home inspection to get homeowner’s insurance?

    It depends on how old the property is. If you are buying a new home, a home inspection can be a great idea but not mandatory for homeowner’s insurance. 

    However, if the property is old, your insurance provider may want you to conduct a home inspection. This inspection will help the insurance provider understand the problem areas and how much coverage they need to provide. 

    For example, the older property you are buying has recently undergone renovations. The insurance provider would like you to conduct a home inspection to ensure the critical components aren’t affected such as the foundation. They might also want you to inspect and check electrical wiring and their condition to ensure they are in good condition. 

    During the Innisfil home inspection, if the insurance provider finds any faults, they will want you to fix them before finalizing insurance coverage. 

     House Inspection Gravenhurst

    A home inspection may give you a discount on insurance costs

    Although home inspection is not necessary, it can give you a discount on insurance costs. For example, during home inspection, you find electrical faults. You go ahead and upgrade them before applying for homeowners’ insurance. 

    Once upgraded, you provide the details to the insurance provider to show that the upgrades have happened. This will help you lower your premiums while having high coverage. However, if inspections find more problems, you might have to pay higher premiums. 

    So, having a home inspection done can greatly benefit you when applying for homeowner’s insurance. 

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